Advanced Product Development

Since its founding over a decade ago, new product development has driven the growth and direction of Structus Building Technologies. The company’s first product, ULTRAFLEX, redefined drywall corner technology and established a new product category within the industry. This structural laminate (SLAM) technology has proven to far outperform conventional metal, paper faced metal, and vinyl beads in both durability and installation efficiency. Several years ago, the company launched a water-activated, self-adhesive corner trim called HYDROTRIM. Structus spent over four years developing this water-activated adhesive corner that will not bubble, blister or dent.

ultraflex end.jpgIn keeping with this tradition, a team of full time engineers is working constantly on a pipeline of future products and drywall finishing tools designed to challenge current building methods and introduce new material technologies to the industry. The team continues to inspire Structus’s culture of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit.




Structus is the leader in high performance drywall corner solutions. The company’s brands include HYDROTRIM water-activated corner trim, NO-COAT Structural Laminate Drywall Corners (ULTRAFLEX, ULTRATRIM, ULTRA ARCH), ULTRATOOL Drywall Finishing Tools and Accessories, and LEVELLINE Drywall Corner Trim.